Granado Update

Granado had recently announced that they would re-release three doll heads.  Customers voted for their favorites.  The sculpts that will be released have been announced.

From the company:

Our Facebook fanpage has reached 1588 Likes!
We held a vote to find out which 3 dolls you want us to re-release again. Thank you for your votes 🙂
Here are the top 3 dolls!
V-06, Jaden  will be visiting Granado during this event.

Duration: 6/18 (Thur) – 6/26 (Fri)

6/18 to 6/20 – Date with V-06
6/21 to 6/23 – Date with Jaden
6/24 to 6/26 – Date with Mads

The ordering period for each doll is 3 days only.
Also Venus is still on sale in the above period. Do not miss out the chance <3

:: More information ::

V-06 : http://doll-granado.com/v-06
Jaden : http://doll-granado.com/jaden
Mads : http://doll-granado.com/agent_mads

v-06 jaden mads