~BJD Carrying Bag~

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By Cindi Stowell of Cindi’s BJD Designs

Cindi has been making lovely doll carriers for years. Here she demonstrates how to make a basic carrier for a 1/3 size BJD.


1/3 Doll Carrying Bag Tutorial


Cut 2 pieces 9.5 inches by 22 inches – bottom pieces

Cut 2 pieces for the lining 9.5 inches by 22 inches

Cut 2 pieces 2 inches by 22 inches – top pieces

Cut 2 pieces for the lining 4 inches by 22 inches

1, zipper – 23 inches

1 yard fusible fleece

1/2 yard very stiff fusible interfacing

52 inches belt strap



Step 1- Iron the fusible fleece to your outside pieces. Including the top pieces and side pieces.


Step 2 – Take your top piece and your lining piece and with right sides together and the zipper in the middle, stitch your top pieces along the zipper. Use a narrow 1/4 inch stitch.


Step 3 – Finished piece.


Step 4 – Measure 6.5 inches from the right side of the bag top and pin in the strap.


Step 5 – Repeat for the other side. Then repeat for the other side of the bag.


Step 6 – With right sides together, pin and stitch your outer bag piece to the top piece and stitch together. Double stitch over the strap for added security.


Step 7 -Finished side. Repeat step 6 for the other side of the bag.


7.b – Another view of finished side.


Step 9 – Cut 2 circles and iron on the fusible fleece.


Step 10 – With right sides together pin the circle to the outside bag piece and stitch together.


Step 11 – For the lining pieces, turn down 1/4 inch seam and press flat. This is for the bottom of the bag lining.


Step 12 – Pin together the bottom of the lining pieces and stitch both sides. Leave the middle section open for turning right side out.


Step 13 – Cut 2 more circles for the lining and iron on the very stiff fusible interfacing.


Step 14 – As before, with right sides together, pin the lining circle to the inside (lining) bag piece and stitch.


Step 15 – Pin the middle portion of the bag and stitch a very narrow seam.


Finished bag: (this bag is currently for sale on Cindi’s website HERE.)
carrying bag

carrying bag1