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Classy Doll is discontinuing all fo their current dolls and related items.  Orders will be taken for a limited number of dolls before they are no longer available.

From the company:

Announcement on Classy Doll Last Sales Period

Classy Doll sales period will be open for a limited time period.

All the Classy Doll items will be discontinued and will never be on sale after this period.

Classy Doll will come back with new types later on.

Each type has quantity limit of 20.

Sales for a type will automatically be closed when number of orders reach its limit.

Limited sales period: 6/13/15 – 7/4/15

Item: All the items on Classy Doll main page


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  • Pooky Jun 14, 2015, 4:43 pm

    I was so disappointed with the Classy Doll body because it looked so beautiful but right out of the box posing was downright shameful! Sadly, most people seemed to get a vibe like that as I saw box opening pictures with immediate for sale pictures. 🙁 I hope their next line is better, the April Stories dolls before were also not the best posers…

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