Baseball Club

Sadol introduces Baseball Club for 1/3 to 70cm tall BJD boys and for 1/6 dolls. The pre-order period for the outfits is open until July 12th. Large boy’s sizes include  Sadol Star 70, Volks SD 17, Luts Super Senior Delf, Super Gem,  Crobi R & M lines, Dollshe Hound and various 60-62cm  boys. The USD size set fits Sadol Baby 27, Volks Yo-SD and Luts Honey Delf and similar size dolls.

From the company:

[Baseball club]

After class – “Baseball club”

*Limited time order

*1st order period 2015.6.9~ 2015.7.12

*Layaway available under circumstance of 2 payments

*If you decided to go with layaway, just let us know about your payment plan

[Baseball club set] 12 pieces

*Sets included

-Baseball uniform shirt + pants + undershirts + belt + socks + baseball cap

+ Glove + Batting Gloves + Helmet + Bat + baseball + and carrier bag for equipment

[Baseball Club] USD

* Configuration

– Baseball uniforms+baseball cap+socks + gloves + baseball


baseball yosd

sadol baseball 60-70