All That Glitters Eyes

All That Glitters Eyes is a new Etsy Store that sells handmade urethane eyes for very small dolls.

From the company:

[All That Glitters Eyes] 3mm~10mm PU Eyes

A new store that sells Polyurethane Eyes from 3mm to 10mm in 1mm increments!

About our polyurethane eyes:

These are basic polyurethane eyes in sizes ranging from 3mm to 10mm. The irises are without textures and patterns.

I make eyes from 3mm to 10mm in 1mm increments. I can open a new listing for you if you need a size that hasn’t been listed yet.

Due to the lens effect of the cornea over the iris, some colors may appear to be gradients.

Iris sizes:
Irises are either large and medium.Large irises are 5mm medium irises are 4mm .

We moderate the curvature of the dome so that they fit into small eye wells easily. Please refer to our photographs for details.

Pupil sizes are either large or small. The large is slightly bigger than 50% of the iris; the small is slightly smaller than 50%.

Because each eye is hand made, and our eyes are so small, we can only guarantee that each pair will have pupils that match and cannot guarantee absolute pupil size. If you order several pairs with the same specifications, it’s possible that there will be differences between the pairs (but each eye of each pair will match one another).

The default pupil color is black, and we try to make each pupil as round as possible, but we cannot guarantee absolute roundness.

The white of the eye:
The back of each eye will be sanded smooth but not polished (buyer can easily polish at home, if so desired). This will not affect the part of the eye that’s viewable through the doll’s head. But please be advised that an unpolished back is not considered a blemish.

Color chart:
6mm eyes with medium irises and small pupils are used for the color chart. Because the eyes are so small (and the camera doesn’t have a very robust macro setting), the photos might be a bit blurry (we are trying to fix this problem). There’s minimal post-processing to correct white balance and match the color of the actual eyes. Please bear in mind that monitors also introduce some color difference.


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