Repuria, Island of Fog

WithDoll has released the new limited edition SW dolls.

The 57.5cm tall BJDs are part of a series called Repuria, Island of Fog. Margery, the Duchess and Cecily, the Polluted Girl come in a variety of resin colors including white, cream white, rose white, normal, sweet blue, and UV protectant real, gray, rosy brown or brown tan resin. Both girls are being sold as basic dolls with a pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet and a choice of small or large breasts.  Options include a face-up, wig and outfit. Cecily additionally may be ordered with the eyes shown in the photos and transparent hands and feet.

From the company:

There will be only 50 units of Margery and 50 units of Cecelly to be sold.
The numbers include those for pre-sale orders. Excluding those, we will take orders for 30 for each.

Repuria series will not be released as Basic Doll and will not be rereleased.

From this Limited Edition on, there will be numbering on each product certificate.
In addition, there will be 10% discounts for each as part of launching celebration of Repuria series. Points will also be applied to this product series.

SWD Body has finally been modified based on feedbacks from our testers and customers.
These include:
We replaced with thick tension lines enabling much more stable poises.
We modified knee joint forms to a bit more natural way.
We increased the length of feet by 5 mm and modified the connecting part so that dolls can stand more stably.
We added small breasts.

We have photographed the newly modified SWD Body.
We will post the body pictures in a few days so please wait for them a little longer.
Give us your continued interest and affection.