Migidoll for June

Migidoll has posted a schedule for June.

From the company:

1. June sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Siho, Elf Owen, Jina, Jean, Shion, C.Ryu, Hyeon, J.Miho, Mir, Sun
– C-Series : Joel, Emma, Ruby, Toto

* Sale : From June 6 to 26.

2. New arrival “Siho” of M-style type.

Migidoll releases “Siho” that is a new doll of M-style type.

* Event
Get 5 points for Siho head.
Get 20 points for Siho set.

* Sale : From June 6 to 26.

3. Release of “Elf Owen” of M-style type.

– Elf Owen is a limited edition to celebrate Migidoll’s 4th anniversary, therefore it is not for general sale.

* Sale : From June 6 to 26.

4. Migidoll’s 4th anniversary event.

* The first event
We arranged the special event for our 4th anniversary on Jun/06.
Only one day, Jun/06, all customers order over $250 will get Cynical baby set. (a doll is random)

* Event date : only one day, June 06, 2015

* The second event
From Jun/07 to Jun/16, the Dreaming Jina head is free for order over $300.

* The third event
From Jun/17 to Jun/26, the bust is free for order over $300.




LE Elf Owen: