Elza, Adele and Leyla Elf

Smiles Dolls has prepared three dolls for a special spring pre-order, new Elza and new versions of Adele and Leyla Elf.  Only 24 of each doll will be available for order.  The 40cm tall BJDs come in a choice of normal or light tan resin.  They include an updated body with a choice of small or large bust. A free face-up is offered during this order period. Other options include body blushing, heel feet, hot glue sueding and outfit. In addition, 10 dolls are being sold with the original body at a special discount price.

From the company:

We are glad to report that long and laborious work on a spring collection is complete. 3 unique images entered it: Leya-elf, refined Adele and graceful Eliza.
During this time we were able to:
1. Create 3 new images from a line of “Fashion Line”;
2. Make 2nd version breast (smaller);
3. To improve the functional dolls in pelvic-femoral joint. (Photos are available here: http://smilesdolls.com/article/35)

In honor of these events, we are pleased to announce 2 Event:
Event 1: -30% 10 dolls in the old version of the body. (More dolls molded body on this option will not be.) Event conditions http://smilesdolls.com/catalog/goods/26
Event 2: free make-up since 20.05.2105-03.06.2015.

At the end of spring theme with pleasure we would like to introduce our new doll – Elza on website, which is located at http://smilesdolls.com/.
Height 40 cm dolls.
It casts it in Russia in a professional studio.
The edition is limited: 24 is molded doll!
Optional body color (Normal and Light Tan), the heel of the foot, make-up, body blushing, hot glue sizing, autfit.
Order Elza you can here: http://smilesdolls.com/catalog/goods/24


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