~Chad, Loss Of Brilliant – a Review~

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ImplDoll has been experimenting with their largest dolls lately. They have introduced new body designs and then various themes based around story-lines. The Loss of Brilliant series dolls – including elves and anthro creatures in 1/3 to 72cm size- caught my eye. Intrigued by the hirsute Chad and his female companion Karena, I ordered Chad first and will be receiving Karena in the near future.

I ordered my Chad in the always-versatile white resin color, with the normal chest rather than the scarred version, and I purchased both the human and anthro head.

Chad showed up at my door less than 2 months after I ordered him (there was a delay due to Lunar New Year holidays). Since he is blank, the time between ordering and completion is shorter than if he had been ordered with two face-ups and body blushing. The BJD was sent in the company’s new re-designed box.

chad box

On removing the lid, I discovered a few postcards and a colorful brochure of the company’s different doll lines.

chad brochure

Removing the foam sheet covering the doll, I found Chad securely packed with his anthro head installed and his human head at his feet. The doll is cast in a close-to-pure shade of white with no yellowish tint. He arrived in perfect condition. A rolled up piece of paper in the box turned out to be a poster of the doll, and the certificate of authenticity was placed in a wax sealed envelope.

2015-05-15 03.25.24

I was immediately drawn to the Chad’s hairy face sculpt.  In the white resin, it almost looks like it was carved in marble. His head-cap is a continuation of his molded hair.

chad anthro box

I decided to compare the sculpts.  Human Chad definitely is the same guy.

chads heads 2

I also attached anthro Chad’s magnetic head-cap to see how it fit. The head-cap lines were almost hidden in the resin hair.  With the cap added, Chad’s head looked  almost seamless.

chad head cap

Chad’s hands are sculpted in different poses.  His left hand’s fingers are curled to hold a weapon. An optional spear may be purchased with the doll.

chad hand

I decided to take him outside and see how he posed. I started with his double jointed arms. They can take a wide variety of poses.  Chad can even scratch his back!

chad arms

chad scratch back

Chad’s chest joint isn’t super flexible, but it moved easily and held a pose without any backsliding.

chad tilt side

chad torso tilt

The knee joints are double jointed with a central lozenge shape so the knee can be bent with the lozenge perpendicular to the lower leg as shown below.


The leg may also be bent by moving the lozenge in the lower leg. (both are bent below.) There are rests in the back of the knee lozenge where each side can rest and hold its place. The knee cap molded into the lower leg juts out when the lower leg is fully bent.

knee joint double bend

The upper thigh joint can turn, or the thigh can rest on a shelf to hold an angled pose.

chad thigh

As Chad is a bit top-heavy due to his bulkier upper body with its wide chest, he was a tricky to stand outside on surfaces that weren’t completely flat. I did succeed in getting him to remain upright for a photo while standing on a paver.  Through all of the posing session, Chad never slipped from a pose or became kicky.  His stringing is a in perfect balance.

chad stand

Altogether, I was satisfied by both the doll’s sculpting and his posing.  Impldoll continues to be my favorite company for reasonably priced dolls of all sizes.  Their resin is dense and good quality, and their turnaround time from ordering to delivery is very reasonable. I look forward to seeing Karena in person and then painting them both dolls over the summer for a project I have in mind.

Company pictures:

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Chad_Loss Of Brilliant

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