Limited Basic Mocha and Basic Vanilla

Rosen Lied has released Monday’s Child Limited Basic Mocha and Tuesday’s Child Basic Vanilla. For the next month, customers that purchase the dolls will receive free gifts plus extra mileage points.

Vanilla and Mocha may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The dolls include a pair of eyes and a bear doll case. A face-up may be optionally ordered. Mocha will additionally come with a second set of hands. Vanilla will include the new Tuesday’s Child body.  Her dress and wig are sold separately.

From the company:

[Release of new Basic doll]

Tuesday’s Child Basic Vanilla

Event 1

* to celebrate release of Tuesday’s child basic vanilla, we will give cat ear parts and hand parts as a gift.

Event 2

* We will give 3 times greater mileage for 1 month!!
(Event period : May 15th ~ June 15th)

[Release of new season limited doll]

Monday’s Child Limited Basic Mocha

Sales period: May 15th ~ June 15th

Event 1.

*We are giving special default dress set to everyone
who order Limited Basic Mocha.

Event 2.

*For all the customers who order Monday’s Child Limited Basic Mocha during this period will receive 3 times greater mileage point for the dolls.

(Order period : May 15th ~ June 15th)



Mocha with free outfit

tc vanilla


tc vanilla cat

Free cat parts