Virgo (Updated)

Angell Studio has continued returned to their star sign series with new Virgo.  The 31cm tall doll comes in solid white, solid butter or solid tan resin. Customers that order her as a full-set will receive a discount.

From the company:

Name: Virgo

Pet: Rabbit

Fullset include:1. one naked doll; 2. wig; 3. face up; 4. one pair of eyeballs; 5. clothes fullset; 6. shoes 7. little pet; 8. wings; 9. cotton bag; 10. birth card; 11. face protect.

Limited period: 2015.5.12—-2015.8.12

The price on the page is for fullset doll.

Anyone who order FULLSET VIRGO can enjoy 12% discount !