Miro News

Miro Doll has made modifications on two of their doll bodies.

From the company:

The first one is the 70cm girl body with bigger chest. We only modified the chest part. The other parts are the same. http://www.mirodoll.com/index.php?ma…roducts_id=322

The second one is 60cm boy body with thicker neck. We modified the neck and shoulder according to some customers’ ideas to fit Iplehouse’s EID head. The boy body has longer and thicker neck. The chest part is fit for Miro 68cm boy body as well. http://www.mirodoll.com/index.php?ma…roducts_id=324

Miro is on the second month of a two-month promotion. Discounts and free gifts are being offered. Their event is listed on the Company/Retail Sale Events on BJDcollectasy.