1/3 Withdoll Update (New Info Added)

New photos have been released of WithDoll‘s 1/3 SWD girl Margery wearing a wig, eyes and an outfit.  She, along with Cecily, is currently available at a special price on the company’s website. Details on the event are posted on BJDcollectasy on the  Company/Retail Sale Events page.

WithDoll will later release the dolls in limited editions and as parts.

From the company:

Thank you for your interest in our dolls.
After the this sale, We will release the limited edition dolls with limited clothing, part and etc.
And you can buy the body and head when we release the limited edition dolls. But we can’t give discounts during that time.
If you buy the body and head during this Event Period, You can buy another options separately when we release the limited edition dolls.






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