Reira and Rei (Updated)

Atelier Momoni is currently taking orders for 35cm tall dolls Reira and Rei. Each doll may be optionally ordered with a face-up in “girly” or “natural” style and an extra faceplate. Resin colors are snow, fresh and toffee. Layaway is available.

16.5cm tall tiny doll Melo is also in stock in the store.

From the company:

Hello and welcome to Nena02 Reira & Rei 2015 pre-order.

This is the second preorder for my own artist doll, this time along with Reira the sweet Rei will be available to order.

The preorder time is from Apr 19 ~ Apr 30 22h CET (central European time)

+ Face up options: Natural or Girly

You can request freckles or beauty marks at no extra cost.
Please notice that each doll will be paint by hand so they might not look exactly the same as the picture samples.

+ Rakeru Sensei LE10 Face-up Option:

The talented Rakeru was very kind to offer an exclusive 10 slots for Nena02 Rei & Reira preorder.

This is only a reservation. If you choose to add Rakeru Sensei faceup to your cart you will not be charged at the moment, Rakeru herself will contact you personally.

This offer can be chosen by purchasing a full Nena02 doll only, not valid with optional faceplates, clothing or accessories.

Melo* is back in stock! This cute tiny doll is also available in three skin colors: Mochi, Cream and Toffee. Melo* comes with three pairs of extra hands. The face-up options are Natural and Sweet


reira_and_reireira rei2


Rei in Toffee resin

Rei in Toffee resin

Reira in Fresh skin resin

Reira in Fresh skin resin