Elf Eloy

twigling has released a resin elf head designed to fit larger BJD bodies. New Eloy is available for pre-order until April 30th. If customers wish to have the head painted, Winterdeer Aesthetics is offering a limited number of face-up slots.

From the company:

Eloy is a male elf sculpt by twigling, built to suit larger bodies and thicker necks. The head ships with an additional “riser”, a piece of resin to help elevate (and articulate) the head if you want to put it on a thinner neck. This sculpt is currently being reproduced by Dollshe Craft, and uses their standardised resin colours. The features are inspired by the art of Susan Seddon-Boulet, of Avatar, of the self-appointed God of Ancient Egypt: Akhenaton, and maybe even a touch of gelfling…

All photos and custom faceups by The Winterdeer. Both dolls shown are in PURE paleskin (white) resin. There are two types of resin available, PURE, which is opaque, and HONEY which is semi-translucent. For more information about the Dollshe resin types and available colours, please see here.

By himself, Eloy sits best on 13cm-ish necks, and with the riser he will also fit on 10cm-ish necks. You can see some body testing photos here (courtesy of dr. Krow) Eloy has been tested on:

  • IOS 80cm body
  • Dollshe Classic Pure (Hound)
  • Fifth Motif Timeless
  • Iplehouse EID Model
  • Iplehouse SID male
  • Iplehouse EID Hero