Murph 2.0

Namonaki Workshop has introduced a new version of the 1/3 Murph head. The company previously released their doll heads with a disc=tinctive texture, but will be re-releasing them with a smooth surface. Muroh is the first head to be re-designed.

From the company;

Namonaki Workshop is excited to announce the release of our new head sculpt, Murph 2.0!

Murph 2.0 is a smooth and texture-free version of our retired “Murph” head.
Along with being texture-free, we have slightly tweaked and improved upon some of his facial features.

Murph is a 1/3 scale BJD head suitable for dolls with a neck circumfrence of 10.5cm (Soom, Dollshe, Volks SD17…)

Heads are available in “Normal Skin”, a “peach-yellow” colored resin that is intended to work well with Volks NS and older Soom NS.
murph2 2

murph2 1

murph2 3