Migidoll News

Migidoll will release four sculpts in limited edition suntanned skin resin soon. The company will offer an M-Style head, Sleeping Cho, as a  free gift with qualifying purchases. The head will be cast in normal or white resin only.

From the company:

New suntan skin of M-Style type, “Ryu, Miho, Yujin, Ell”

-Suntan skins are on limited sale.
-There are only 20 units for each head.
-Body sets are 10 for each doll.
-These are limited, so will be sold out shortly.

* Sale : From April 18 to May 15.

** Sleeping Cho gift event.

– Sleeping Cho is free for order over $250.

* Event Time : From April 18 to May 15.



Gift head Sleeping Cho

Gift head Sleeping Cho