Azalea Peppi

A new Korean BJD company called Cocoriang has recently opened. They are taking pre-orders at this time for their first doll named Azalea Peppi. The little rabbit comes in white or limited edition pink resin.

From the company:

Cocoriang is small BJD shop.
We prefer a fairytale feel.
We started season sales of Azalea Peppi.
This is some information.
Need Details? Contact us : [ cocoriang@naver.com ]
English, Korean, Japanese all possible.

White Sensitive Peppi always sale.

– This Peppi’s color is little bit higher yellow than last version of Peppi.

Azalea(Pink) Peppi’s seasonal sales.

– Receives the Order until 31th May.

– The order is takes a month to shipping.
If you added makeup, the shipping need 1 month + 1 week.

– You can add up ‘Azalea’ concept makeup to Pink Peppi.
(Including hands and feet)


Cocoriang Azalea Peppi

pink Azalea Peppi
white Azalea Peppi