~Surreal Doll Calliope~

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A new Junkyspot exclusive BJD


I don’t know anything about Surreal Doll other than that the Junkyspot is currently offering their first exclusive BJD from this new company. I can however, talk about Calliope herself since she arrived at my home several weeks ago.

At 44cm in height, Calliope is a slightly taller than the average 1/4 doll.  She is only available in normal skin resin, and comes with both a face-up and pair of glass eyes.

I can also attest, after having her in my possession, that she is a nicely constructed as well as a very reasonably priced girl. Anyone that orders her will not have to wait long for her arrival either, because as is typical of the store, the Junkyspot has her in-stock and ships soon after receiving an order.  Mine arrived a week after purchasing her.

Calliope came in a storage box inside a shipping box.  She is longer than her box can properly accommodate if she is laid straight, so she was positioned a bit on her side with knees bent within her protective padded wrap. Her blue glass eyes were already installed in her head. She came with a protective face-shield. A few cute trinkets were also added to the box, gifts from The Junkyspot.


surreal doll box

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Calliope’s resin is very nice.  It has more density than other  inexpensive dolls I have held. Her coloring is a pale normal yellow. The seam sanding is smooth.  The location of some of the seams can still be barely detected under raking light, but you have to search for them. The stringing is not too tight and not too loose, so Calliope stands and poses well and holds her poses with little jerkiness.

The modeling of the body is somewhat simplified. Both the hands and the feet are not very detailed, but all of the fingers of the hands are separated. Calliope’s legs, arms, abdomen, breasts and back are simply sculpted with little muscle detail to her anatomy. Her face is more doll-like than realistic.  She has cute down-turned elf ears, puffy cheeks and a slight pout to her mouth. There are no black dots in the corners of the lips. The face-up includes dark eyelashes.



calliope face 2

Like most newer BJDs, Calliope has double jointed knees and elbows. They work very well, although the center knee-cap in particular can look a bit awkward when the joint is double-bent.


calliope knee elbow

calliope elbow

calliope knee 2

There is an upper thigh joint too.  At the back of the lower part of the joint is a resting shelf, so the lower thigh will hold its pose when pulled out. There is a slot for the cord on the upper thigh, and this needs to be lined up to the front of the doll to allow the joint to be bent. The knee cannot reach the chest.


calliope thigh lock

calliope thigh joint 2

The upper torso joint also has a shelf rest on the lower torso part to hold the upper torso in place, but this shelf is a bit shallower and so the torso can sometimes slip out of position.  There is some limited upper torso movement side-to side, and it can be twisted to the right or left easily.


calliope back joint

calliope back oint2

calliope chest

calliope chest 2

I tried a few wigs on Calliope.  Many of my 7-8 size wigs were too big. I liked best the stretchy 6-7 wigs from Jpop Dolls on her. I tried some 1/4 size outfits on the doll and found that all fit Calliope, so she should be able to fit into most standard size 1/4 girl fashions.


calliope 3


So in short, if you are looking for a cute, well made 1/4 size BJD girl, (especially a cute elf!) and have limited funds and even more limited patience waiting for your doll to arrive, I have the perfect doll for you!




Additional photos by Emory of The Junkyspot: