Guihua and Lianpian Released

LoongSoul has released Stories of Ghost and Monsters: Guihua and Lianpian.  They are being offered in a special free gift event. The 69cm tall girl dolls may be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow, French white, French normal pink, French normal yellow, French real skin or French tan resin. Lianpian and Guihua are being sold as blank basic dolls. Options include a face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. They may be purchased from the company and through their authorized retailers.

From the company:

Guihua and Lianpian
Release date: April.3.2015
For more detail, please visit our website:http://www.ls-doll.com/

Purchase Kaidan series and related parts:
1.You will get a Windshadow(scimitar) or 69cm high-heeled feet when you place an order of 200
2.You will get a Dragon Doggy when you place an order of 500
3.You will get Dragon Doggy and Windshadow(Scimitar) or 69cm high-heeled feet when you place an order of 700
These events cannot be combined.




Lianpian 6



Guihua Lianpian 1