Sweeter Dolls

Soul Doll introduces a new line of “Sweeter” dolls to replace the Soul Sweet line. All of the 25cm tall dolls may be ordered in a choice of normal or white resin. A pair of eyes will be included with each doll. An optional face-up may be ordered. The clothing shown will be released soon.  Shoes for the Sweeter dolls are available now.

A free gift is available for the first 20 customers.

From the company:

We have released new 7 cutey girls as a new doll line ‘Sweeter’.
(New shoes for Sweeter is released.) 

Also, we are offering a new doll with a pink bird cage(gift) to first, 20 customers.

We hope your big support on new dolls.



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Sweeter girl body

Sweeter girl body


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