LanWoo with SoylentGreen Face-up

Ocean Moon has opened a pre-order for the 1/3 LanWoo head with an optional face-up by artist SoylentGreen.

From the company:

60cm-class head, [LanWoo] Special Face-up by SoylentGreen

A special collaboration with SoylentGreen, a very special face-up artist from Japan, we proudly present LanWoo.

1 head which is the model of the image is now available for order at Etsy.

Same face-up as shown in image + Eyes, Grey Wig + Instant Shipping (no waiting time period)

Additional chance to order LanWoo with the special face-up! :


In order to reduce the international shipping cost between Oceanmoon and the Face-up Artist, this order is open for a limited time period.

1) Price
(Head $160) + (Face-up $90) = $250.00 (shipping not included)

2) Order Period
From April 1st ~ April 15th (for 2 weeks).