Catch the Fool Event

Little Monica is holding a Catch the Fool event for April Fool’s Day. The event will run April 1st between 11:00AM and 7:00 PM Korean time. Customers that find him will receive extra store points.

Little Monica has also announced that customers may order 1/4 little Harmony dolls with either a boy or a girl body.

From the company:

As there have been many inquiries and requests
we announce you that finally, there has been
Body Type Option added on Little Harmony Basic Full Doll Line.

For Body Type, you can choose either 1 from ‘Little Girl Body’ or ‘Little Boy Body’.’
And for Little Harmony Girl Full Doll Product Page, if you choose ‘Little Girl Body,’ like previous,
you can choose 1 from ‘Basic Feet’ or ‘Heel Feet.’
However, if you chose ‘Little Boy Body,’ you cannot choose Feet Part
so you can either choose ‘(Girl Body Only)’ or leave out the Feet Part Option.