Bishonen House News

Bishonen House has updates on Facebook of dolls Mira and Nails. The artist, Donn Kinney, will open a very limited pre-order soon for them.Another new doll, Spade, may also be seen.

From the artist:

I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about Mira and Nails lately, and i just wanted to give everyone an update. Ive had sooooo much casting work for clients that their release keeps getting pushed back, while I’m extremely grateful for the casting work id like to be able to focus more on MY own doll work so I’ve decided to open up a presale for Mira and Nails around the third of April, The presale would give me the funds to allow me to spend 100% of my time for the next couple of months finishing Nails silicone mold as well as printing Mira’s 3d master and creating her molds as well.. In the presale I’d only have 5 finished dolls for each character available, and each doll will come with an extra special 3rd face that will not be available any other way… my estimated shipping date would around the end of June…. I’ll be posting more detailed photos as well as more information in the weeks ahead, as always if anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a note.


mira nails spade

Mira (left) Nails, Spade