Ringdoll News

Ringdoll‘s Facebook poll has ended, and the results have been released. The company allowed customers to vote on the re-release of a limited edition doll from the past.  The doll with the most votes would be available starting April 5th (Easter).

From the company:

Hello everybody,

You must be very desired to know who gets the most votes since our voting activity ends.
Today, we are glad to announce this exciting outcome ……..
The winner is our handsome and cool man


Jack the Ripper!

He got 188 votes which are from our FB(international) and our Baidu Post bar(domestic)
LOL……we can hear lots of screams from you now…….

everybody please calm down and noted that:
1) the re-realeased time of Jack is from April 5th, 2015 to May 29th, 2015.
don’t miss the time to place order for him this time……..
2) layaway for him is acceptable but it must be finished in 3 months. Please place the layaway order via sales@ringdoll.com.
Yeah, let us hear your voice……….

If any question, please contact us at: service@ringdoll.com & sales@ringdoll.com & cherry@ringdoll.hk.