Dear Mine for Spring

Dear Mine‘s new Spring pets are now available. They include new Pet line Eddy in Peacock Blue along with Dante Primavera, Priscilla Provence, Nocturne Eclipse, and Lupy.

20cm tall (not including ears) Eddy is cast in white resin. His full-set includes a face-up, fur wig, brown eyes, outfit and shoes. Eddy is a limited edition of 30.

22cm (including ears) Classic line Dante is a limited edition of 30. He is cast in white resin and comes with a face-up, gold eyes and outfit. A pair of purple eyes may be optionally ordered for the doll.

Nocturne Eclipse is a limited edition of 50. The 41cm tall Dear Lover Special includes a face-up, eyes, wig and outfit. Optional hand, foot and leg painting may be ordered for Eclipse.

40cm tall Dear Lover Seasonal doll Priscilla is available to order until May 25th Korean time. She is cast in white resin and is sold blank with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Options include a face-up, wig and outfit.

Lupy is a Dear Beans Seasonal pet. She may be ordered in white or “canaria” colored resin. 12cm tall Lupy is sold blank Options include a face-up in “sunny” (pink)  or “starry” (blue) painting.  A pink or blue dress set may also be ordered. Lupy may be ordered until May 25th.


EDDY done2-1



Lupy pink version

lupy_canaria-1 copy

Lupy blue version





Nocturne Eclipse