Sephie Doll House Photo Album

Dolls by Spanish Doll Artists Mayte and Juan Luis of Sephie Doll Shop.

From the artists:
The first concept for Sephie Doll Shop was a drawing of Helio, a character thought by Mayte, who was called ‘Helianth’ afterwards for Sephie Doll Shop (pic SDS_01). Juan Luis modeled this doll in ZBrush (SDS_01B), as well as Bambú, and then we 3d printed the prototype (SDS_02). We began to work at home (SDS_03), but this was impossible because the resin casting process is very dirty, so we decided to go to the place that is now our studio. We started then to make molds and experiment a lot, and then we found ways to improve our production to a professional level (pics SDS_04 to SDS_08). Then we have attended to some events, such as Dolls&Party Barcelona 2014 and LDoll 5 in Lyon (SDS_09). This year we will be again at Dolls&Party Barcelona, which will take place on 4th July.

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