Peak’s Woods Event Soon

Peak’s Woods will be offering a one-month long event for 1/3 size FoC and A.B. line basic girls before the lines are sold in limited editions only. New  Fairy of Ivory, FOC Hunky Dory as a Loli Clown will be released. Special face-ups will be offered during the event.

From the company:

*Event Period : March 16 ~ April 16, 2015 (for a month)

*For All FOC & A.B. Basic Fairies : 4 skin color options(White, Normal, Suntan, BlueGrey) available.

*For All FOC & A.B. Basic Fairies : Last Special Make up prepared.
This special make up is originally one type but it will be shown as two different versions for both open eyed and half open eyed dolls.
The Model pictures will be updated soon for your reference.

*How to order FOC head with A.B. Femme body : Please go to the page below and place an order.


*How to order A.B. head with FOC Lolita body : Please go to the page below and place an order.http://peakswoods.net/shop/step1.php?number=2516

**To make special event even more special**
The Fairy of Ivory, FOC Hunky Dory will be released for the first time as the Loli Clown.

*Layaway is available for all the items above(refund in progress is not possible).
Since it will be the last time layaway order for our basic fairies, we are offering no limit conditions with time frame and each payment amount.
We hope everyone who’ve wanted our basic fairies can finally have one this time.

Go to see how to do layaway : http://peakswoods.net/board/view.php…w=1&CB=&ID=205




hunky dory loli clown1

hunky dory loli clown2