~The Littlest Limhwas~

1little limhwas

Previously we have covered Limhwa’s 1/3 size dolls, including the EOS line and one of the company’s 1/4 girls.  This article will look at the two smallest size dolls from Limhwa’s Aria and To You lines. A special thanks to Emory of  the Junkyspot– the internationl retailer for Limhwa and EOS doll- for his assistance with this article.

Limhwa’s 1/6 size To You line Sara and Aria line Do are only one centimeter apart in size, but they are vastly different dolls. The To You dolls Sara and Mari are an older line from the highly respected Korean company. The Aria line dolls Do, Re and Mi are more recent.

There are a few things both dolls share.  They were sculpted by the very talented artist Ji‐Youn Jung. They both have company face-ups. While Do is cast in normal skin and Sara is cast in white, both BJDs may be ordered in either color. The dolls are made with face-plates, making eye changing easier.


2015-02-22 04.31.08

Now the differences, starting with the obvious- next to Sara, Do looks like a giant baby!  Sara is a miniature version of her elegant big sister Limhwas. She is slender and delicate. Do is similar to the standard 1/6 dolls as they are generally sculpted as young children. To You dolls are girls exclusively, but Do and the other two Arias come with a choice of boy or girl body. The older To You’s still retain their single joints. Aria kids are double jointed.


2015-02-22 04.04.43

2015-02-22 04.05.28

2015-02-22 04.05.46

The resin used for Limhwa dolls is always excellent, and these two dolls are no exception.  The resin has a nice matte finish. The sculpting details are well defined. The face-plates are easy to remove and put back in place.  Both dolls have factory face-ups which are competently done. The seam lines are not sanded, but they are so shallow they are almost invisible.

Sara is not a great poser.  She can touch her face with her hand, and move her waist well, but her limbs tends to kick and shift out of position making it hard to stand her up or  subtly position her. With a little effort,  I was still able to make her stand successfully. Her joints do not lock into place.


2015-02-22 04.35.21

2015-02-22 04.34.27

2015-02-22 04.40.59

The joints on Do are much more sophisticated.  The double joints work well in the elbows and knees.  The upper thigh joint turns, and when pulled out, allows the thigh to angle upward, but is located too high up in the leg to hold the knees up to the torso. The knee joint has a notch to hold the leg in a bend.  There is also a notch in the lower torso to hold the upper torso in place when it is bent forward.


2015-02-22 04.39.47

2015-02-22 04.37.10

2015-02-22 04.38.32

Despite the simplicity of her joints, Sara would make a lovely tiny ballerina, or fairy, or even a mini fashion doll. She is small enough to carry anywhere.  Sara is really very pretty, and I am thinking about doing a light body blushing on her and painting her tiny finger and toenails. Do has one of the most sophisticated sculpts of all my smaller dolls. He poses very well, and will probably fit in most 1/6 size children’s clothes. He won’t be getting any, however, as he will be getting a customized outfit for a specific character. I’m not sure what Sara will be yet, but I hope to dress her before the end of the year. I am sure I will have a lot of fun customizing them!



Do in a ghost costume from BJDcollectasy’s Halloween 2014 project