Tatsuo and ToTo

Tatsuo and ToTo heads may be ordered now at Simply Divine. The heads are designed to fit Super Gem and Dollshe Hound size bodies. Resin colors available include Venetian luna white,  sunrise,  bone, and  parchment.  ToTo additionally comes in cinnabar resin (this color costs extra). The head is only available unpainted without a face up. A mask, ShiShi may also be purchased.  It may be ordered in colors temple gold, dragon’s jade, and antique bronze. Special prices are available for the first customers to purchase Tatsuo and ToTo. The first 10 Tatsuo, first 5 ToTo and the first 7 sets of both heads and a mash are offered at a discount price.

From the company:

We at Simply Divine are pleased to announce our new head Tatsuo who is also available with his alternate incarnation head ToTo and his new mask ShiShi

We would also like to announce our new color ~ Venetian Luna Cinnabar ~
specifically released for ToTo!

You can find Tatsuo at the introductory price here…




Tatsuo head


ToTo head

1 shishi masks

ShiShi masks