Marbled Halls News

Marbled Halls artist Connie Lowe has released information on the Pocket Sprocke series she is selling exclusively at Jpop Dolls and on upcoming dolls and events.

From the artist:

I wanted to let you know that the POCKET SPROCKETS are preordering at JPOP right now. The orders will be open until March 10th on Meek and Glum.
I will be sculpting each Sprocket in this size and all will be available from Grace at Jpop.
I don’t know if you have checked them out but they are really cute! 5 1/2 ” versions of the larger Sprockets! They bear a resemblance but have a younger look I think. I will be offering clothes for these once they are closer to arriving in stock. Grace is getting some shoes in I believe also. They come with the option of my standard wig or no wig and are nude. Go check them out! Run, don’t walk! You can find a link on my web page www.marbledhalls.com or go directly to JPOP.

People have asked if there will be more Sprockets..yes. I don’t release the same sculpts again but new ones. Towards the end of the year I hope to offer Sorrow and Serenity. However..using the Sprocket body also will be my sculpt for Modern Doll Convention this year is a 10 ” version of Eppie, called Poppet!! She is available with registration to the MDCC show and I believe they are still taking absentee registrations on her. You do not want to miss her. She is adorable!! Eppie in a SPROCKET size!!! You can find out more on their website. Go, look..NOW. I am really excited about this one!

Next on the horizon?
The upcoming issue of Dolls magazine will have a debut photo of Twig, my new slender MSD. She will be preordering early this Spring .
She will be offered blank or fullset. She is a new body as well!

I will be offering a new Olga sized sculpt at the end of the year as well as another slender MSD , Wren and possibly Muddle, I sculpted her over the holidays and she is quite the character. No pics yet on her.

If you follow my Facebook, Connie Lowe..the link is on my web, I am having a virtual show in March on the 20th,21st, and 22nd. Always fun with things to buy, things to win and just plain fun! Plan on joining in if you can.


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