Chad – Loss of Brilliant

Chad Loss Of Brilliant is the newest addition to an ongoing series of BJDs at ImplDoll. Customers may choose from a variety of resin colors (see chart below) for their doll. Chad comes with a new Idol line male body. 72cm tall basic Chad is sold blank with human or fantasy head and normal or scarred body.  Options include the second head, face-up(s), wig, outfit, resin spear, painting for the spear and carrying bag.  If a face-up is ordered, glass eyes are included with purchase. Only 50 dolls will be released.

The Impldoll event has been extended until March 18th. For information on this and other doll events please go to the BJDcollectasy  Company/Retail Sale Events page.


Chad_Loss Of Brilliant1
Chad_Loss Of Brilliant

Chad_Loss Of Brilliant3impldoll doll resin colors