Sadol News

1.6 size versions of Daily V-neck and Daily Turtle have been released in various colors at Sadol.  They are made to fit Sadol Baby27, Volks USD, Luts Honey Delf and similar size dolls. Daily Spring for various size 1/3 girls is also available. The items may be ordered as separates or as discounted sets.

Kum do sets for boys and girls are once again available for various 60-70cm girl and boy dolls.. The pre-order for the sete will run until March 4th (Korean time). There are two parts to each set, the clothing with resin “wooden” sword, and the Bogu set with Men, Do, Tare, Kote parts, hair towel, Shinai, Shinai bag, Bogu bag and name plate. The outfit set comes in white or navy, the Bogu set comes in navy or red. Boy sizes available include 60-62cm, 65cm, Crobi M line and 70cm. Girl sizes include 60-62cm and 63cm.

A variety of school uniforms for boys and girls will be released soon.  The line is posted on the company’s website.

daily spring

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