Migidoll for February

Migidoll has released their February plans. Dolls will be available for pre-order for 1 week starting February 21st.

From the company:

1. February sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Ryu, Yujin, Jean, Teddy, Robby, Marty, Cathy.
– C-Series : Joel, Emma, Toto, Bean, Soo, Dana.

* Sale : From February 21 to 28.

2. Release of Military band of C-Cynical baby

Migidoll releases “Military band” of C-Cynical Baby type.

Release dolls : Teddy, Robby, Cathy, Marty.

* Sale : From February 21 to 28.

– For order of “Military band set(head+body)”, one instrument is free at random.
– For order of “Military Full Set(head+body+dress)”, four kinds of instruments are free.
(All instruments are painted.)