LE Dandy Releases

Peak’s Woods is running a 2-week pre-order for four new FoC Dandy dolls. Dandy Shaia, Lavin, Lottie and Briana may be ordered in normal, white, suntan or blue grey resin. Options include a face-up and manicure.

At this time FoC Dandy line dolls will only be sold as limited and parts lines. Starting next month FoC and A.B. line dolls will also be limited releases only.

Peak’s Woods has announced that some 1/3 bodies will join the parts list.

From the company:

*FOC Lolita body and FOC Dandy body will stay on sale on our website.
*And FOC Dandy body price will change from $510 to $490.

Again we promise we will never stop until all of your dolly dreams come true~~~~~~~!!!


FOC Dandy Shaia

FOC Dandy Lottie

FOC Dandy Lavin

FOC Dandy Briana