Dark Elf Angela Re-release

WithDoll has re-released Dark Elf Angela for a two week pre-order.  The 41 cm tall doll will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes, two extra hands (for holding sword & sheath) and heel feet. Angela can be ordered in white, cream white, rose white, normal, gray, brown tan, rosy brown and UV protectant  real,  gray, rosy brown or  brown tan resin. The basic doll is being sold at a 15% discount from the original release.

Options for Angela include a face-up, outfit, wig, and resin parts and accessories (two handed sword, leg armor, skull mask, armored shoes, spaulder) and painting for the resin parts.

Pre-order for Dark Elf Angela ends on February 21st Korean time.


angela_12 angela_09