Mint on Card News

Mint on Card no longer carries Akagi Doll.  They will also be dropping Fantasy Doll and HZ soon.

From the retailer:

We have a few changes to announce:

Fantasy Doll and HZ are going to be stock only soon, meaning we will not be accepting pre-orders for these brands anymore. You still have some time to place pre-orders for Fantasy Doll and HZ, (clothing only), before this goes into effect. The last day for Fantasy Doll pre-orders is March 11th. The last day for HZ is March 4th.

-We will no longer be carrying Akagi Doll. The company managed to forget about our last two orders and never made them. Because of this we do not feel comfortable working with them. Everyone who has an Akagi Doll pre-order with us will be emailed today and given a full refund.