My Ball Jointed Doll Service Open

Nobility Doll recently opened a pre-order period for their Special My Ball Jointed Doll Service.  Information on the service is below. Prices for the service may be found on the website. The order page may be found HERE.

From the company:

Thank you for all your support on our Special My Ball Jointed Doll service.

I want to notice you additional making process for new order.

We adopted 3D system. This system has already been used by many major doll companies. Now, we can produce you dolls in perfect bilateral symmetry and better quality.

It is reopening a year after last time, and we are going to get order for about 3 months. Please interest very much.

Order period : January 19th 2015 , 10:00AM ~ March 19th 2015, 10:00AM

Two Production Methods of head order

1. original procuction method

same Super Sculpey making as the existing production method>> 1 modification>>2 modification >> 3 modification>> 4 modification>> 5 modification, silicon mold making after confirming>> resin shaping

– production time 5months~7months


* All the process is handmade, so it is recommended for the one who likes handmade.

* There are limited modification number, so $100 will be cost for the modification from third time, and maximum number of modification is 5.

2. 3D System production method

existing Super Sculpey making method or 3D system making>> 3D scan>> 3Dsystem retouching and modification>> print by high price 3D printer>> Post processing after Polishing>> silicon mold making>> resin shaping

– production time 3months~5months


* It is recommended for the customers who are sensitive to the bilateral symmetry or want short production time.
* Unlimited modification time during 3D system making process.

But after printed out by 3D printer, there are $100 modification fee per one modification and total 3 modification is available.

*It is possible to order body production, and it will be same production method with second method of head making.

– body production cost : body 60cm standard $6000 (fantasy half man and half beast doll is also possible)


Installment will be possible for all order.

50% has to be paid first for deposit and left 50% has to be paid before making silicon mold(original production method) or printing by 3D printer(3D system production method) in all production cost.

– Basically 10 head will be produced and additional head fee will be same as existing policy.

(But, we deduct $400 from existing cost to the customers who want only one or two head)