Cheshire Pop Releases

Pipos has released their new Cheshire Cats. 20cm tall Cheshire Pop Pink and Cheshire Pop Grey come in both a regular and a limited edition version.

Limited Edition Cheshire Pops come with a special face-up. Customers can choose a tail style (slender or wide) or optionally purchase both. Options include reflective acrylic eyes in a choice of styles and colors. The outfit  shown on the dolls is a limited edition of only 10 sets.

Basic Cheshire Pop dolls are sold blank with a choice of tail (or customers may purchase both). Options include a default face-up and eyes.

Additional outfits for the new dolls have been added to the site. In addition, the first 30 orders of a Cheshire Pop doll will receive a free gift statue.


Pipos cheshire pop grey

Pipos cheshire pop pink

basic pink cheshire pop

basic grey cheshire pop

cheshire tail