Happy Ending Story

Happy Ending Story is now at WithDoll. Basic Lea, Laney, Sasha and Rudy are being offered at a 15% discount. The sale period for the limited edition BJDs runs from January 17th to January 31st.

The new 16cm dolls include  Sasha, Lea, Laney and Rudy. All of the dolls may be ordered with a choice of a boy or girl body and in a wide variety of resin colors. They come blank with both flat and fist hands and acrylic eyes. Optional additions include a face-up, animal parts (lamb or wolf, blank or painted), outfits (shepherdess, lamb or wolf), wig and shoes.



laney lea


Laney, Sasha, Rudy, Lea

Laney, Sasha, Rudy, Lea