Ingenue, Pietá and Newkiru + ?

Due to the minimum number of 35  pre-orders being reached, twigling has announced that the doll pre-order plans will proceed.  Customers will have a choice of Ingenue, Pietá, Newkiru or a new to-be-released doll.  This order period will be the last chance to order Ingenue.

From the artist:


Current Participant Tally: 35/35 (January 13, 2014)
Minimum number has been reached, which means the order *will* go ahead (Thank you to everyone who has registered!!!) Due to the positive response, the option to join will remain open until the end of January 2015. Depending on the number of registrations at that time I may decide to close the order to keep the number of participants at a manageable level.

For this next preorder I am accepting up to 12 months layaway, please visit this page ( http://www.twigling.com/shop/2015-payment-plans/) to find out all your information, and tell all your friends, as you will be able to rack up discounts for each friend you recruit!! And if we get enough total orders I will give away one doll for free.

There will also be new sculpts introduced throughout the year and if you decide to join the preorder you do not have to decide right now, what doll and what skintone you want etc.