Eloy Elf

A new male elf head has been created by doll artist twigling.  The Eloy Elf head is designed to fit various 70cm approximate size bodies.  Some photos of the head on different bodies may be seen HERE.

From the artist:

Please allow me to share with you a new male face I have created, “Eloy”.
He is made to suit taller 70cm male bodies, such as 5th Motif Timeless, EID, IOS etc, but also comes with a neck adapter so that he can be used on bodies with 10-11cm necks such as the Dollshe Pure body etc.

I have some limited stock available right now in Dollshe pure Paleskin, Freshskin and Orientalskin, the heads are packed and ready to ship: Place your order here.


eloy elf