Lyse and Ninon Limited Fullsets

Lillycat – Cerisedolls has just released Lyse and Ninon in limited full-sets. There are two different sets of 41cm tall Ninon, and each are limited editions of 10. There are three sets of 57.5 cm tall Lyse, and two are limited editions of 7 while the third is a limited edition of 6. All sets will include a special face-up by Esthy. Ninon is cast in pale blue resin and will also come with eyes, wig and an outfit by Venecja. Lyse is cast in grey-purple resin and will also include eyes, wig and an outfit by Tanja Huntus. Layaway is available.


1ninon le 10 v2

1ninon le 10 vv2

1ninon le10

1ninon le 10


1lise le7

1 lyse le 7 c




lyse 2