Little Angel Sweeties

Latidoll is now taking pre-orders for Little Angel Sweeties. Event Head Yellow Wink version Luna will be given given as a gift with qualifying purchases.  Customers that buy the full package of 6 dolls will receive a Wink version Luna as a full doll.

Lati Yellow Strawberry Cake – Sophie, Cheese Tart – S.Belle, Mint Choco Mousse- Lumi, Ginger Bread – Benny, Pumpkin Muffin – Jia and Lati White Marshmallow – Bayer may be purchased as basic dolls with a face-up and glass eyes. Options include a wig outfit and shoes. Marshmallow pets in ice blue and light pink may be purchased with the dolls. Lati White Bayer comes in different versions including a basic or full-set normal skin doll and a basic or fullset mystic  head tan skin doll. Both heads and an additional body may be optionally ordered for Bayer.

From the company:

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