Rosen Lied Christmas Event

After a short delay, Rosen Lied‘s Christmas Event has now begun. Free gifts are available with qualifying orders.

From the company:

Christmas event will be on through December 20th ~ January 10th.
We give presents according to each amounts.

$100 – Doll accessory (Necklace)
$200 – Doll carrier blanket
$350 – Special outfit (Holiday’s or Tuesday’s size)

*Shipping fee is not included.

* We will give presents for each orders separately.But total amount of orders cannot be combined.

ex.) Make 3 orders of $70, $100, $250 -> Get one Necklace for $100 order and doll blanket for $250 order but orders can’t be combined to get $350 gift.

* You can still combine orders to save shipping fee.

* For the customers who ordered over $350 USD, please leave a message on the memo, in order to let us know which size of the dress you want.
If you don’t leave a message, we will send the size randomly.

* Due to our circumstances, we need preparation period for the outfits.
For customers who order a doll, outfit will be shipped out together with the doll,
but for customers who order items over $350, items will be shipped out first
and outfit will be shipped out separately after the preparation period~