Winter Nanuri Event

A Winter Nanuri Event has begun at Fairyland. Three limited edition dolls, 1/6 size LittleFee “Alice” Shue, 1/4 MiniFee”The White Rabbit” Kai and Feeple60 Victoria Frances’ Mandrak Moors Doll Sionna Fómhar with Moe Body are now posted. All are limited editions. Free gifts will be available with qualifying purchases.

During this event Realpuki, Pukipuki, Chic Line and Feeple65 dolls will not be available.

From the company:

2015 Winter Event – from December 19th, 2014 till January 31st, 2015.

Event Contents:

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced;

a. $450 or above: LittleFee Nanuri Soony Elf Dreaming Face

b. $600 or above: MiniFee Nanuri Rin Elf Dreaming Head

c. $800 or above: Feeple60 Nanuri Rin Elf Dreaming Head

d. $1300 or above: Choices of all items from a ~ c (one item each)

– Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

* 4% FairyLand mileage points will be rewarded for Full Package purchases during event period, instead of 2%.

* 2015 FairyLand calendar will be automatically included if the total of order before shipping is equal to or greater than $190.


– Order containing a wrong event gift may be cancelled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

New Full Packages:

Feeple60 (girl) – [ Mandrak Moors Dolls ] Sionna Fómhar with Moe Body ( limited to 100sets during the initial release* )**

MiniFee (boy) – [ The White Rabbit ] Kai with normal Body ( Limited to 68 sets )

LittleFee (girl) – [ Alice ] Shue ( Limited to 68 sets )

* Additional stock may become available again in limited quantities only.

** [ Mandrak Moors Dolls ] Full package series makeup style service is NOT available for basic set purchases.

F60 Moe Sionna basic makeup style is different from F60 Sionna fullset and basic set makeup style will be updated soon.

Tan Skin Option will be available during 2015 Winter Nanuri Event Period for*:

Feeple60 : Sionna Fómhar Full Package and Moe Basic ONLY**

MiniFee : Kai Full Package and A La Carte (Active and Moe line) and Basic (boy and girl) ONLY

LittleFee : Shue Full Package and A La Carte and Basic (boy and girl) ONLY

* Tan skin option for ALL option parts for above lines is available from the start of the event.

** Choice of Feeple60 Moe basic sculpts are limited to Celine, Chloe, Mirwen, Rin and Sionna only.