New from Dear Mine

Dear Mine has released a new line-up of anthro BJDs. Available now are Basic Beans dolls, a Dear Shine Vivien head,  Dear Lover Saera Bunny girl, and Dear Classic Green Tea Chopin- Cantabile, Basic DaVinci, and Picasso Green Tea (Size up!).

The Dear Shine 1/3 size Vivien head may be ordered in normal or pure white resin. The head is sold blank or with an optional face-up. A cat body for Vivien may be optionally ordered. Picasso Green Tea, Optional high heel feet or heel feet with pump heels may also be ordered.

40cm tall Dear Lover Saera Bunny girl is being cast in white resin only.  She will come with a face-up, wig, eyes, outfit, black pumps, magnetic ears and two tails, resin and pompom. Flat feet may be optionally ordered.

Green Tea Chopin- Cantabile is being cast in green tea skin resin.  The 19.5cm tall excluding ears/horns) doll  is being sold as a full-set with a face-up eyes, outfit and wings included.

Picasso Green Tea is cast in green tea resin only.  The 19.5cm tall BJD is being sold as a basic doll with a pair of eyes (choice or red or grey) included.  Options for Green Tea Picasso include a face-up and outfit.

Basic DaVinci is cast in pure white resin only.  The basic BJD will include a pair of ice blue or cat ice blue eyes. Options for the 19.5cm tall doll includes a face-up and outfit shown.

12cm tall Basic Bean is available in pure white resin only.  A pair of eyes in a choice of style/color is included. The doll may be ordered with an optional face-up in “berry” or “bitter” style and a boy or a girl school uniform.

Dear Mine dolls may be ordered from the company or through authorized retailers including Denver Doll Emporium in the US and Dolk in Japan.


1 vivien dear shine


1 chopin

1 green tea2

1 basic davinci

1 basic bean