Little Monica Event Starts

The  Little Monica Winter Event has begun.  The company’s first special release is a the last Snow Audrey. The limited edition Christmas doll will be retired after this event.  1/6 size Snow Audrey comes in normal or white skin resin with a choice of boy or girl body.Options for the doll include a face-up and a “Chubby Penguin” outfit.

Basic dolls are now discounted.  Grand Harmony Luke will be released on December 15th.

From the company:

With all gratitude for your great support in 2014,
we open up our 15% Discount December Event. 

This event will start at 3pm(Korean Time) on 12th of December,
and it will only be applied to Basic Line Full Dolls,
not to all Parts, Face-Up, Outfit, Wig, Shoes, and Tools products,
so please note this to avoid any confusion. 

Also, please give your interests and support on our new dolls
coming on 12th, 15th, and 16th of December.


snow audrey
snow audrey1