RSdoll Event Begins

RSdoll has launched the first part of their winter event.  A new doll head named Orvill has been released as a gift for this event only. Bronze tan skin Dreaming Orvill and Bronze tan skin Dev have also been released as full dolls. Limited edition bronze tan skin Noile will be released on the 15th. The number of bronze tan dolls is limited and may sell out early. Each doll will come with a pair of glass eyes and a random wig. A face-up may be optionally ordered.

The Dreaming Orvill head is available only for the 2014 winter event to customers who purchase during the event period.

Any customer that purchased an RS body sometime before the event will also have the opportunity to buy an RG Line Body Ver. Racius body at a 50% discount. They will also receive an Orvill head as a gift. The event will end on December 31st.

From the company:

Period : 2014.12.8.~12.31

1. We present limited “Orvill” head, only for 2014 winter event, to customers who purchased in event period.

(Orvill head is only for 2014 winter event. It will not be sold or presented after this event.)

2. Limited edition of Bronze tan skin dreaming Orvill, and Bronze tan skin Dev is released – 2014.12.8 Sunday Selling start.

Limited edition of Bronze tan skin Noile is released – 2014.12.15 Sunday Selling start.

(It’s only for limited period. Tan skin can be sold out early because its quantity is not many.)

3. To express our appreciation, we sell RG LINE BODY Ver. Racius body of 50% discount to precious customers for event period.

(This event is for every customer who purchased Rsdoll body before December. But, the customer who only purchased head is excluded.)

(If you purchase body as 50% discount, Orvill head is presented. In conclusion, you can get Orvill!)

(Ver.Racius body is assembled by only tension string. Bodies assembled by the spine system is only previous RG LINE.)