Marbled Halls News

American doll artist Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls have released her latest news. The shipment of fair skinned Olgas have arrived, and tan dolls will be arriving soon.  The fair skin dolls that are fully paid for will be sent next week. In addition, new dolls are in the works.

From the artist:

Those of you on Face Book already know this…I am making Pocket Sprockets! 5 ” versions of the originals! They are new sculpts and bare a resemblance to their larger siblings. These will be sold by Grace of Jpop dolls so watch for more details!
Also in the works is Twig, a slender MSD.

I an also creating the main doll for MDCC show in Reno this year. They will be announcing details soon. This doll can be purchased with registration, not an event doll.
You do NOT want to miss this special girl! I am sooooo excited about this.

For those of you on Facebook, I will be having a Christmas party soon! I have not set the date yet. Watch my page for more updates. There will be games and prices and some dolls and clothing for sale just in time for Christmas.

Due to requests I opened my Etsy shoe shop again. I will be adding new things after the Holiday.
I am planning a winter Virtual BJD Show on Face Book in January or February so stay tuned!!!!



Olga (2)